lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

No top 5 but great weekend

Good evening everybody!

Even with a storm heading our way (in case you haven´t heard we have hard wind today in Holland which is affecting traffic) I am happy to be sharing something sweet from this past weekend. 

I wanted to surprise my family back home because of my birthday and since they love sweets as much as I do (I had to get it from someone, right?) I thought it would be great to send them some cupcakes. So I got in touch with my school friend Maria who is, among other things, a great baker and has this lovely blog El Baúl de Gretel: she helped me pick the flavors and made sure they were delivered on time.

Now my only problem is that I didn´t get to try them myself! but I heard they were delicious as well as pretty, see for yourselves: 



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