martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Tuesday baking day

Good evening!

I am finally home after a visit to the all famous Sweedish decoration store (man, I always buy more than planned :)

But what I wanted to show you are the cakes we baked this morning at the "Huis van de Wijk Lydia" (kind of a community center). We bake the cakes for free (ingridients are payd for) and they sell them at the bar to raise some money to keep the center going. The cake is carrot cake, yummy! and the price is affordable...we will probably be changing cakes so come along to try it while it´s there: Roelof Hartplein 2a  http://huisvandewijklydia.nl/contact/start


Don´t they look good? they are still missing the topping. Today we only baked two because of the fall holidays.



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