lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

Always happy...

Good evening,

I am always happy when I cook for a big group and 1. I can manage not to burn or under cook things and 2. people like what is on the menu.

This Sunday we had some family over for Sinterklaas game (everybody bought 3 presents for a small amount of money, then with dice we play a game where you can get the presents from the pile or steal them, give them away, etc. At the end you get 3 presents but if you are still not glad people are more than happy to exchange) and dinner. 

I cooked red prawn and mango curry from the chef Nigella Lawson (I had done it before so I knew it was really easy to make). This time with chicken, to stay within our budget! We also had a side salad and lots of sweets for dessert. 

Since I didn´t take any pictures, this is one from the site where you can find the recipe: 

Hope you have a good week!



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