lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

Moderne Hippies Markt

Good afternoon,

After an uninspired last week (could have also been the grey weather) I went yesterday to the Moderne Hippies Markt at Roest and was really inspired!!!

Roest is a big barn used for concerts, events, art gallery, etc. close to Central Station. They have a bar and terrace (next to the water) with sand (I bet it´s a great thing to be there in the summer, must remember this place!) and they have lots of events, so check their site for the program!

The market was organized by the owner of the blog Moderne Hippies and there were lots of participants!

For you to have an idea, this is what it looked like (yep, very crowded, good thing I didn´t drag my boyfriend along)!

Foto from amsterdamroest.nl

As for what you could get, there were many things that caught my attention:

Bag from LaBeau Bags. They are fairtrade made in Thailand, love those colors! And I think my mum would love them too...

What about this boots!! mix of cowboy meets Native American. They are from Kiboots.

Continuing with the Native American theme, a dream catcher from Icatchy.

And lovely armbands from Riverstones.

It seems to me now that I was on the look out for accessories :)



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