sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014


Good afternoon,

Before I dwell into the title of this post let met tell you, have you noticed how many people are born in February? Last weekend we had two birthday partys and tomorrow we have another one...it doesn´t allow for a lot of wiggle room for weekend planning (aka time to relax). Don´t get me wrong, I love birthdays (specially mine), it´s a nice occasion to get together and catch up with old friends and long distance family members but the Spanish girl in me complains about all the planning... improvise, Dutch people!!

As for salsa, this weekend is the 7th Amsterdam Salsa Festival at the Meininger Hotel Amsterdam City West. Ticket start at 20€ and you can enjoy workshops and performances by national and international professionals. So head over for some booty shaking!

Saludos and plan some time to relax!


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