jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

Make it up!

Good morning,

I was thinking, what am I going to write about today after yesterday´s blank post!! 

There is an art market coming up at the social center where I volunteer (Huis van de wijk Lydia) so I need to start working on my projects:

- I have home made soap (does it ring a bell?).
- I am making Christmas cards (hope my taste matches the one of the Dutch).
- I have lots of paint chip cards, maybe I can do one of these projects http://www.brit.co/paint-chip-diy/? Ok, the easy ones.
- I also thought of perfume sachets (made with Christmas prints).
- And maybe some pins with felt.

Plus, we are also having a table with sweets (from the Tuesday baking group) In this case the money will go to the social center. Our carrot cake seems to be selling well, so maybe we can add something like cupcakes or something of that size.

Will post a reminder when the date comes, Saturday the 30th of November, so you can all come!



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