viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Things to look forward to

Good evening,

Reading our neighborhood newspaper I found out several things to look forward to:

- Open air ice skate ring at the Leidseplein, opening the 15th of November.
- Open air ice skate ring at the Museumplein, opening the 29th of November.This is a big one, 1400m2!!!

You are now thinking, whoa! Irene is so well integrated in the Dutch culture that she can skate. No way, I find it very frightening, specially on natural ice, but I do love the atmosphere, the lights and drinking hot cocoa.

And last but not least, Sinterklaas is arriving to The Netherlands this Saturday! The intocht van Sinterklaas is the arrival by boat of Sinterklaas for the 75th time (the tradition says he arrives by boat from Madrid, where he lives the rest of the year) You can imagine how popular I am among Dutch children when I say I grew up close to Madrid.

For the ones who have no idea what to expect, here is a picture from the site mentioned above

Monday I will tell you more traditions related to Sinterklaas that I particularly like. For now, enjoy the weekend!!


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