martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013


Good evening,

Surprising...that it rains and that I can carry on whatever I am doing (as opposed to staying at home as my southern mentality told me to do not so long ago), that it´s 9 degrees Celsius and I find it to be nice weather (people, I moved from Barcelona where it´s 20 degrees Celsius as we speak), that I go to a work interview (yes, still looking for work) and half of the people working there are Spanish and even from my home town (what are the odds!), that I am looking forward for Sinterklaas (no Santa Claus or Three Kings in Holland but Sinterklaas the 5th of December), that I started a blog and keep up at it and that I am discovering new things about myself (creativity, volunteering, etc.)

Any surprises on your part?



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