jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Poor Wednesday

Good evening,

It seems that Wednesdays I forget about the blog... it is usually the day that I volunteer at the civic center and when I get home I am quite tired of standing around. 

If you have no plans for this weekend, maybe you want to check out the Amsterdam Art weekend with different venues and plenty of choices for everybody (think photos, paintings, sculptures, etc.)

On their website you have three routes you can follow if you don´t want to miss a thing! 

On a warmer note I have to say that it is snowing in Spain and over here I am getting quite used to the weather (or it has been warmer this last days?!) If you want to see some pictures of the snow, check this link http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2013/11/28/album/1385629751_100086.html#1385629751_100086_1385650832



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